Success Story

Lexi Duckett

When Lexi started with us, she was attending a small private high school in Daytona Beach, and she was not on the national scouting radar. In less than one year of working with our team, she was recruited by top NCAA programs, and chose to play for UNC-Chapel Hill. Lexi later transferred, and now plays with the Wisconsin Badgers.


Personal Info


Class: Sophomore
Position: Guard
Jersey #: 23

General Facts

Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
High School(s): Father Lopez Catholic, DME Academy
Hometown: Daytona Beach, FL

Career Info

2020-2021: University of Wisconsin
2019-2020: University of North Carolina
2018-2019: DME Academy
2016-2018: Father Lopez Catholic High School


Lexi Duckett

Every athlete eventually needs to start setting goals. Knowing how, what and when to set goals is the key to achieving them. Outcome goals are bigger-picture goals for athletics and competition that reference winning a game or a title or even making the team.

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