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HS Recruiting profiles offer world-renowned exposure, merging precise athletic metrics with a unified social media presence, offering recruiters and fans a streamlined, complete view of your sports journey from a single, shareable platform.

HS Recruiting
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Showcasing Your Skills and Achievements

Building a
Comprehensive Profile

With HS Recruiting, high school athletes can build a comprehensive profile that showcases their athletic achievements, academic accomplishments, and personal attributes. This makes it easy for college coaches to assess potential fits for their programs. Our profiles feature athletic statistics, highlight videos, academic transcripts, test scores, achievements and awards.


Move Your Sports Career
to the Next Level

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Customize Your Profile

Configure and display the high school and Club team stats and development history you want college coaches to see most. Add video, interviews, news articles, awards, social media, and more.


Showcasing Your Skills and Achievements

Achieving Your Goal
with Expert Assistance

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to guiding athletes through the college recruiting process and helping them find the perfect fit. We work closely with both college coaches and high school athletes to ensure an efficient and effective experience. We also offer personalized guidance and support through our recruiting specialists, who can assist with developing a recruiting plan, identifying target colleges, crafting a standout highlight video, polishing personal statements, and preparing for coach interviews.

The Best
Recruitment Showcase

Our exclusive software will help you effectively and efficiently target the best fit colleges, coaches, and athletic programs.

  • Password-protected private portal to guide you on your recruiting journey
  • A custom player profile to easily share with college coaches and scouts hosted on our site
  • Recruiting resources & tools to maximize outreach to college coaches
  • Integrated highlight and interview videos, photo galleries, news articles, and social media news articles, awards, and social media
  • Academic and athletic goals, playing history, stats and metrics, and awards

Resources and Support

Guiding You Through
the Recruiting Process

Along with our recruiting platform, we offer a wealth of resources and support including:

  • Expert advice on how to prepare for recruiting
  • Information on financial aid and scholarship opportunities
  • Strategies for communicating with college coaches
  • Clarifications on NCAA rules and regulations


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